Schiff has been trying to convince us that a date won’t cost him more than $10. For someone studying economics, that just doesn’t seem right. But he insists that this will include dinner and everything. So we decided to set up an experiment. He would register with any of the well known dejtingsidor like they say in Sweden, and then find someone to meet up with to have a romantic date. Of course, he wouldn’t be allowed to bring more than $10 in his wallet. He had to pick one of the free dating sites, because the ones that charges for registration would make him exceed his budget before the actual date even started. After a couple of days he found a woman that agreed to meet up with him and go get some dinner. At first she wanted to pick the restaurant, which was a pretty fancy one. But Schiff knew that would break his budget, and without telling her of this, he managed to convince her of choosing a cheaper place to eat. budget for relationships When we talked to him afterwards, he told us that the $10 had been enough. We didn’t really believe him, so we continued asking questions. After just a few minutes, we found out that it was enough for him to eat a salad and nothing else the whole evening. We got the impression that the woman he was dating didn’t have the best time of her life, having to pay for her own dinner, and her date finishing his salad in just five minutes. Well, he managed to go on a date without spending more than $10, but was it worth it? We strongly suspect that he’s been studying this video thoroughly:

Imagine if he had to pay the registration fee for one of the dating sites as well. All in all, our conclusion from this experiment was that relationships, and dating sites in particular can be a quite expensive endeavour. Although there are free alternatives, the members on those sites are often times not as serious as on the paid services. But then again, relationships and dating shouldn’t be so much about money and budget, but rather mutual interest and an emotional connection. It can be a fine line between being cheap and just trying not to spend more than what is available in our current situation. Even though two people may have great chemistry, they might never start a relationships because they are in completely different financial situations, or even different walks of life, which is a shame. So maybe we should stop trying to overthink all the small things, and instead go more with our gut feelings.